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SHL Verbal, Numerical and Inductive Reasoning Tests

SHL ability tests (sometimes referred to as “aptitude tests”) are designed to assess the candidates’ Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning skills, at four distinct job roles.

In addition, an Inductive Reasoning Test is available for graduate and managerial roles. Also known as an “Abstract or Logical Reasoning Test”; it is used to measure the candidates’ logical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

Also, for operational and supervisory roles, SHL’s Verify Checking Test and Verify Calculation Test are useful to assess a candidate’s accuracy when working with different types of data.

About SHL Tests

All SHL tests use random generation, so that each candidate receives a unique assessment to complete. With literally millions of permutations, you can be confident that candidates will always receive a unique set of questions. At the same time a complex calibration process ensures that each aptitude test has equivalent measurement properties.

Our Psychometric Testing Service

KSL Training have partnered with SHL, one of the world’s leading providers in psychometric testing, to help hiring companies and recruitment agencies increase the effectiveness of their candidate screening and selection process, by offering:

  • A fast turnaround online aptitude testing service to screen prospective candidate/s.
  • Buy SHL tests online direct from our website, via PayPal.
  • Comprehensive reports and feedback.
  • Full consultancy support to help you make informed recruitment decisions. We are a fully licensed SHL partner, based in the UK.

Please contact us for the PayPal link to buy tests. Company purchases only.

Preparing for a Psychometric Test?

If you have been asked to take an SHL test as part of a job interview and selection process, we offer a useful SHL candidate help guide. This contains preparation tips for SHL psychometric tests, as well as information about where to obtain free practice tests from the official SHL website.

Types of SHL Test and Pricing

The various types of SHL ability tests are detailed in the table below, with pricing (for each test). Please contact us to buy SHL tests. We will provide a PayPal payment link and email you to clarify your needs and timescales.

Please note: We are not permitted to sell ability tests to private individuals who are about to undergo assessment.

Type of SHL Test

Price (Each)

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

One test needed per candidate. 17 to 19 minutes to complete

£49.50 + VAT

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

One test needed per candidate. 17 to 25 minutes to complete

£49.50 + VAT

SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

One test needed per candidate. 17 to 25 minutes to complete

£49.50 + VAT

SHL Verify Checking Test

One test needed per candidate. 4 to 5 minutes to complete

£49.50 + VAT

SHL Verify Calculation Test

One test needed per candidate. 10 minutes to complete

£49.50 + VAT

SHL Candidate Report

Provides useful feedback to candidate about the ability tests they have completed.

£15.00 + VAT

Candidate Telephone Feedback

Purchase our optional candidate telephone feedback session to get more from the test results. Feedback is by Skype, or to a UK telephone number.

Price is per test.

£25.00 + VAT

Looking to buy? Please contact us for the PayPal link to buy tests. Company purchases only.

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